History of Bateau Bay Women’s Bowling Club


The formation of the Bateau Bay Women’s Bowling Club was first discussed by 18 lady members of the Bateau Bay Bowling and Recreation Club at the home of Stella Montgomery to see if these ladies wanted to become affiliated bowlers.  Enquiries were then made to the District.  The Club was formed and the inaugural meeting was held at the Progress Hall, Bateau Bay on 21st May 1965 and chaired by the Central Coast District President, Mrs R. Rudnick with District Treasurer, Mrs Jones and District Hon. Secretary, Mrs Gallagher in attendance.  Application was then made to the NSW WBA for affiliation and the necessary papers presented.

The Committee was then duly elected:

President:  Beatrice Dowling; Hon. Secretary: Isabel Moore; Hon. Treasurer: Ethel Hamnett; Vice Presidents: Margorie Costello and Edna Johnson; Publicity Officer: Margorie Costello; Selectors: Ellen Huxley (Chair.), Olive Stevens and Irene Hilley; Social Committee: Stella Montgomery, June Cherry and Cunita Wedlock.  The date of the first official meeting was then held at 11am on 31st May 1965.  Cost of green fees was 1/-d.

The first day played in full dress was 1st July 1965.

The Club had no finance other than the membership subscriptions so this became their first priority.  The first fundraising effort was organized by Stella Montgomery with a ‘colour slide evening’ including supper at a charge of 3/-d.  From this fun filled evening £6/10/0 was raised.  Due to the keenness and hard work of the Committee and members, many street stalls, raffles and card afternoons followed over the next year to build up the funds.  One year later on 31st May 1966 the BBWBC showed receipts of $845.59, expenditure of $622.74 with a credit balance of $222.85.

Our Club House:

The existing site was agreed upon in 1962 and on 1st March 1965 the bowls were rolled for the first time. A temporary club house opened on 4th June 1965 which was later moved and is now the Long Jetty Aquatic Club.  The final function held there was a ‘sing song and get together’ followed by an afternoon of bowls.

On 17th December 1969 the new Club House opened its doors.

By 1982 the number of lady bowlers had risen to approx. 400 and by 1993 the Club Ltd’s bowling membership, both male and female, had grown to 1050 playing on four beautiful greens.

In 2001 our second Club House closed its doors and our brand new existing Club House is now our pride and joy, thanks in part to the many men and women pioneers of our Club who worked so hard to achieve their goals.